Not everyone in Heaven gets a Mansion

I dreamt of Life after Death


I was in a place with a lot of dead folk, lying on the floor.

Then a voice boomed, "Those who carry my name, rise up and go. Those that do not...wait for ME!".


Thankfully I stood up. I had a sense of doubt at first, but I rose up in Faith.

As those that stood up started to walk somewhere else, I could sense a dreadful mark on those bodies that still stayed lying down (like a dark circle hovering over each of them). I hurried to get out of that Place of bodies.


We with His Name kept walking to a better place.

When we got there, I cannot remember seeing outside that much, but I remember where I ended up. We were being shown our living quarters.


It seems not everyone in heaven gets a "Mansion".

I got an Expensive-looking Studio Apartment, In a massive Apartment complex.


There were 2 doors into my Apartment from the Hall.

The Studio apartment looked/felt very good. With a Living room area and a Queen or Maybe King-size bed....and some mighty fine decorations that fit my taste (modern).


I walked towards the other door, checking out everything, and noticed that it was open.

The door itself was a Classy metallic sliding door.

At first I thought "This must lead to a different room" but when I walked through it, I realized I was in the Apartment complex hallway.

The hallway was split, with railings and a gulf in the middle where you could see many other apartments on the opposite floors.


I wanted to close my door at first, but I felt like there was no need! 

Through the gulf, I looked into another apartment's open door and I saw what looked like a family sitting at a table having dinner. Seemed like they had 2 children.


Overall, it was a very Good and Modern Apartment building.


Then I woke up...


One thing I noticed in all this is, even though I got a studio apartment...there was no major feelings of regret. There is nothing but a sense of contentment and inner happiness there.

Basically, that was the level of reward I had garnered based on my service to God on earth.


I think I need to get back to serving the Kingdom hardcore and up my Giving!

See if we can shoot for that Mansion for when I get there...


...Or at least, so I thought...


After looking at scripture, it does seem peculiar that a LOT of translations of John 14:2 use the clause "Rooms" or "Dwelling Places" instead of "Mansions". It's only really the King James version (and a few others) that uses that word "Mansion". 

Supporting Scripture: John 14:2 (NIV)

My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?

I wonder which is which...


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